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The Office of the Supreme Chancellor has 2 meanings, first it refers to the institution and position of the Supreme Chancellor itself, secondly, more common, it's the combined aides, staff and government agency's directly subordinate to the Supreme Chancellor and as the de facto (if not de jure) executive branch of the Galactic Republic.
The Chancellor is supported by the Staff Aide (who is the head of the staff and the Chancellor's deputy in the Office and the Vice-Chair. the office had several organisations subordinate to it:
BoSS: The Bureau of Ships and Services is responsible for assigning transponder codes to starships and tracking there movement trough space, it fielded offices at every mayor spaceport. They kept information on starship registration, transponder codes, captains flight certifications and listings of all weapon loadouts on all registered ships as well as data on hyperlanes stored in navigation computers
Corusant Health Administration:headed by the Madxec they are responsible for the health care of the Corusanti citizens, they where also responsible for running several medcenter. Corusant Health Officials are officials responsible for monitoring the health of the population.
Corusant Ministry of Ingress: A law enforcement agency and headed by a First Minister they are responsible for monitoring immigration and emigration to and from Corusant and maintaining a equilibrium between them even arresting criminals who wants to enter or leave Corusant. They have several offices at the Financial District.
Republic Measures&Standards Bureau: is responsible for maintaining common units of measurement, including time (presumably also weight, money and similar items)
Republic Spacelane Bureau: they process and map the galaxy and it's hyperroutes.
Senate Support Services: they provide technical assistance to government projects

The Vice-Chair also had his own office, the Office of the Vice-Chair
Ministry of Science: located at the Miniscry Arcoligy it was headed by the Minister of Science.