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Wow, that's incredible. I don't think I can top that one, lol.

@OP: I don't use GF for ops and rarely for FP's now. I don't need to suffer the stupidity for 5 BH comms. I've had a similar experience with a HM KP, though. I was trying to tell the tank how to tank Bonethrasher since he had no clue and then preceded to ignore me and wipe the group, repeatedly. I left, saying I was going to go do something else when he had the attitude to whisper me blaming me for being a "bad dps and wiping us then leaving". I guess it was my fault for joining their group, though. I soon learnt the whole server knew he was a noob.
Am I missing something? You don't tank Bonethrasher. He's untankable.

The only time I rage-quit a flashpoint was Collicoid War Games story mode. I was on my operative healing. There was also a sniper in the group. Some agent gloves dropped, which I needed on, as did the sniper. The guy then proceeded to harangue me in chat telling me I shouldn't have needed because they had accuracy on them and I was a healer. (Never mind that it's levelling gear so I might have wanted them for solo levelling, and both of us would have outgrown them in 2 levels anyway.)

After that he just wouldn't shut up in group chat, insulting me, calling me a ninja. I told him to shut up. The tank said, let's just get on with the flashpoint. This went on all the way to just before the final boss fight. I had enough so I instigated a vote to kick. The tank said he was taking a break and the rest of us should sort it between ourselves. I'd had enough; before the vote even finished I just left.

Want to know the funny part? He actually won the bloody roll!

I'm normally pretty mature and sensible and polite, but we all have our breaking point. 15 minutes solid of being insulted in chat was mine
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