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I couldn't get an OJ Custom Techblade for Qyzen very cheaply,so what I had to do was simply do Herioc instance missions on Coruscant over and over until I got 14 Coruscant Commedations and then I used that to buy a low level OJ Techblade from the Coruscant Commedations Vendors. :'(

Ugly looking sword, But it's working somewhat. :'(

I am currently level 38, so I got a lot of strange looks farming such low level Herioc Missions, but hey, I got an OJ techblade.
Level 38?

Did you get to Balmorra yet? The Equipment Commendations vendor there has a Prototype N-30 Battle Techblade for 14 Balmorra Commendations. Probably the single gnarliest-looking melee weapon in the game right now.
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