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I think there is a... language barrier making this 'discussion' more difficult to have, because you keep misunderstanding what others are saying. I did not suggest gunslinger lacking a self-heat was a nuisance or needed thing, I stated that to point out a flaw in your argument that everyone has a self-heal in one way or another and thus the sage having one is just par for the course.

And yes, you are QQing as you continue to whine about not being able to use melee abilities - which would overpower the class - when it's clearly pointed out why you CANNOT have what you are asking for without seriously, and completely, rebalancing the entire class - not to mention angering people who chose sage so that they could be a ranged DPS rather than a melee one. Whether your INTENTION is to get additional damage or not, what you are suggesting WOULD result in that end.

Comparing the sage DPS tree to ALL of the scoundrel trees and skills is NOT an even comparison. The scoundrels who roll melee are almost completely melee (unless they are a hybrid or respec, which is a whole nother ballgame). Other melee classes also have a few ranged attacks (just as the sage already has melee attacks) so your argument yet again falls completely flat.

Simplest answer is STILL, roll an assassin/shadow if you want to use your lightsaber as a consular/inquisitor, because you are NOT going to get a melee buff on the sage/sorc for a myriad of reasons. Your suggestion to just have it be viable 'for fun' only results in a higher damage output from sages (because those 'for fun' attacks can still be used in 'for serious' ways). Again, whether that's your intention or not, it is what it would result in without completely redoing the class from the ground up for balance issues.

By the way, I PLAY a sage and my questing partner and I regularly joke that her lightsaber is actually a flashlight that she just uses to blind people. We also celebrate when I get a chance to actually hit something with it. We are well aware that the sage carrying a lightsaber is for show; neither of us has a problem with that and if we did, I'd re-roll as a shadow.
What utter rot. You seem to be oblivious that whether the other advanced classes are range or melee, they will get mainstat bonus to ALL their attacks. If they are ranged they get their bonus on melee and vice/versa. Sorcs/Sages do not, and if you think just because they get willpower to melee attacks it would make them OP and require rebalancing, then you are clueless about Sages and Sorcs and class balance in general.