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As a shadow I ask why?
When people spam fleet and ask shadow or sage - I say sage. Why use the saber other than for deflection? Sage is a jedi /wizard class. As the otherside of the spectrum I wish I could cause ruin from affar. But I am perfectly happy being melee, so why do you not want to be ranged? OP with your post about boosting saber damage by using the willpower modifier it would make the class some what unbalanced. The other consular AC doesn't have skills that boost their willpower- the ones in the skill tree I am refering too. Also their willpower is significantly lower than yours, to trade they use higher base weapon damage to offset the difference.
If there was a re-ajustment to add this , it might make the sage require a major class overhaul. The low armour raiting is unusable for melee, the inspiration for the class was palpatine. Who always fought from afar. You do know that shadow has 1/5 or 1/6th of your mana? Why should you get their best asset when they don't get yours?
So why do I prefer sage then? It was a pain to be married to a healer pet leveling till 50. I enjoy the sages versitility more as I lvl one.
Nonsense. A sorc has what two abilities, thrash and sabre strike, no talents to increase the damage or crit chance of them either. It would not make them OP in any way, because sorcs/sages don't want to be in melee range, but it at least means they can do a hit or two if rooted etc before trying to escape, because competent melee will interrupt their casts.

As for the damage, it's meh, and only sorcs/sages are the advanced class that don't benefit from main stat to weapon damage.

As a shadow you benefit not only from willpower but strength to a lesser degree too, so tell me how that is fair? I'd also point out, since you seem oblivious to many things about reality in this game, that sorc/sage dps is the lowest there is, even with 6% to willpower. So before making your unfounded suggestions that "oh noes, sages will become so uber", you might want to try looking at the facts.

But since you want to quote lore, how about the fact that Jedi/Sith are trained to use lightsabres, so your point about Palpatine is moot, but you know he seemed pretty capable with his sabre when fighitng Yoda in case you forgot. In ToR sabres are basically glorified glowing stat-sticks for sages/sorcs... awesome, and there isn't one good reason why this should be so (and you haven't posted cogent argument as to why it shouldn't change).