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11.10.2012 , 02:37 AM | #300
Honestly, i don't wanted to comment, but ok:

1. PVP. That's simple - more WZ, more game modes. Take a look at rift. It isn't shines, but released before SWTOR and still not F2P. Persnoally I, nd few friends, that leaved ToR alrdy agree with me - why not to do something with wz? use RIFT expirience - for weekend change one wz's rules, allow users playin it achieve more points, that's rly simple, and won't take as much resourses as makin new one.
Also, u could use GW2 expirience - all of their pvp maps are domination (like Alderaan or denova) but all with different rules. And Developers said before release - they experimented a lot with other game modes, but found domination most exiciting. Keep on working in that way. And all my friends (not me, while playing gunslinger) enjoyed Huttball a lot, founding it ost exciting warone#scenary#battleground ever.

2.PVE. Ok, pandas here - so it's time to steal something )) Challenging mode (with gear and time restriction and rankings) will be nice. And still - u have a lot low lvl FPs, why making new ones when u have old ones? Make heroic modes! I liked hammerstation a lot since beta. And 1 more thing, i enjoyed a lot since beta and low lvl FPs... crew skill challenges - it was awesome idea, where it is now? =(

And for things in general... I have quit the game in may and returned few weeks ago. And only now, i see most (not all) promises from betafound it's way. Finally i can pick any orange gear i like, and wear it, making it BiS item by adding augumented slot, and that's wasn't possilbe since release, but u promised something about it. But still, i can't wear gear i like. I like a lot how some lowlvl green gear looks, but wearing it on 50 lvl char? No way. Ye, let's look at GW2 again - color unify? Screw it, u can apply any colour u have found#bought to any part of piece of equipment.

That's all. Sry for my english :P