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Not complaining or suggesting that operatives be nerfed but my sniper did get repeatedly killed by one last night in Alderaan. The kill that surprised me was when I respawned to grass and he popped out of stealth and killed me before I could even move more than a few steps. Seemed a bit much but I was undergeared (only two WH pieces) and no doubt he was well-geared.

Again, not complaining. The operative and my sniper played a cat and mouse game for the entire WZ. I was solo guarding grass. He would pop out of stealth and try to burst me but he could not take me down if I was in cover with my defensive cooldowns. I used my flame turret and other AOE abilities to sniff him out and prevent stealth/CC caps. I always survived long enough to call inc and get backup which is all I needed to do. We kept the node and won the WZ.

It was actually lots of fun even though I died every time (sacrifice for keeping the node) but that one kill where he took me down immediately after I respawned seemed a bit much.
Maybe he had the WZ buff.