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Yes but as Captain_Zone pointed out, and I didn't realise this, if stuff is labeled N-Canon it would be taken of the shelves and those sales would be lost regardless of the demand

Just want to address some of the points you made here that I didn't before because it was rushed. FIrstly I have no contempt for the minority EU fans at all, and my blatant 'no one cares' point was made because people weren't taking the time to read the full argument so I put in a simpler form. Of course its a hyperbole, and not true, its just a summary of what I was saying. That these EU fans are the minority, I have no contempt for them, I simply realise Disney has little care for them, they wan't to appease the main fan base, not dance around the EU.

As for you alternative, I have to say I don't like it at all, I really don't. Alternative universes would simply render the star wars story null and void, because in a sense its not the true story, just a version I like. I see it as a slippery slope, once Disney does it, who else will follow? The canon system will become more and more obsolete, the amount of alternate universes will escalate, and if they don't, the current ones will grow, until their are entirely different versions of the star wars story, when their should only be one. Alternate universes should be what they are now, I bit of fun. This would lead to a Marvel-scale predicament, with rubbish about alternate universes inside alternate universes. In an extreme way, it would be the death of the Star Wars I fell in love with, I'm willing to sacrifice some EU to maintain what we already have.

Disney, and George Lucas, would probably (I'm not saying they would) agree with me here. I know Lucas had little respect for post-ROTJ, such as the Mara Jade and Palpatine arcs, and I understand why - they were messing with the characters he had created and envisaged, and messing with his story. To them the movies take precedence, and if the EU gets in the way, it should step aside.

The solution? Of course sending a bulldozer through the EU isn't the solution. Disney realise that despite these fans being a small minority, they can be very loud, they don't want bad press, and they want to make as much revenue as possible. I highly doubt however they will put much thought into keeping the post-ROTJ universe in tact, simply because its so small and rather messy. The safest bet would be to bypass the good stuff, of course what is good is a matter of opinion. I get the feeling that the Thrawn Trilogy is loved by all post-ROTJ fans, and the best of the bunch. Someone on another thread also pointed out that the Kyle Katarn arc, that encompasses comics and games will also be affected, and they are also much loved. But the NJO order, is disliked by many, and from what I can gather is farfetched in places and a little messy. I wouldn't put in past disney if they wiped this area clean, and I wouldn't disagree with them. The only solution I see is if they carve out a section of the NJO era for their film, render that N-Canon and the N-Canon the other material it will effect. And fans will just have to deal with that.

But this still doesn't solve the problem of revenue does it? Comics will be pulled off the shelves never to be seen again, and bad press will be stirred up by angry fans. But this can be solved. For won't the films open up an entirely new playground for EU writers to dive into? An opportunity to start again, to makes things better? Won't the market be flooded not only with new EU to replace the old, but new toys, games, novels etcera etcera - the income will be massive, and will totally make up for their losses and more.

As you can see this move will solve a lot of problems. But will it placate the fans? I don't know. I get the feeling you are one of these fans, whether you like NJO or not I can't say. But what would you think, and anyone else who reads post-NJO about new EU, replacing the old? And perhaps even the death (and rebirth) of the NJO era?
I was the guy who pointed out the Kyle Katarn stuff being loved as well as the early Post-ROTJ stuff, but the NJO sucking. They could completely edit that and what comes after it, like Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi (which are WELL-received by fans UNLIKE NJO) would not only be unaffected, but unchanged. If I, a common fan of Star Wars, thought of this, those at Lucasfilm (I can't stress enough, LUCASFILM IS STILL MAKING STAR WARS! They're just on Disney's payroll and make them money.) will have already thought about it and mulled it over 10 000 times and be well on the way to figuring out a way how to not only keep the small but VERY vocal audience appeased, but also respect the hard work these creators put into their work, but still make a movie that isn't bogged down by it. The EU will always be present, and everyone knows this whether they like it or not, but like Clone Wars, you need to do what best fits the story first, and continuity second. I sincerely doubt, being a MASSIVE EU fan myself, they will neglect it, there's tons of material there to draw on, but I doubt they will BIND themselves to it.

It's a delicate balance, one an entire team of people far smarter than any of us, are trying to walk with every step.