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I'm done with this game and the current team behind PvP. If for whatever reason it suddenly “clicks” and you hire someone who gets it to turn PvP around, I’ll be back, although I have a feeling we’ll all be waiting a very long time as you can’t fix something if you cannot see that it is utterly broken and turning people away from the game in the first place.
I may be as well.

On Halloween I went to a costume party and met a fellow gamer girl, who was dressed in a gears of war costume she'd made from scratch. My own experience is so Bioware-centric that I thought she was going for Shepard (despite the lack of an N-7 logo), and she was amazed I'd heard of Mass Effect at all. These times when I meet someone in real life who is as passionate about my hobby as I am are rare, and we had a good chat.

ANYWAY... she's never played ToR. For one, she only has a Macintosh, and for another, she loves PvP. Did I know, she asked, that Mass Effect keeps releasing new pvp maps? For free? She shook her head ruefully. Me, I had another drink.

No, I didn't know that, but honestly, as someone who's been hitting her head against the wall playing the same three (now four) warzones in ToR since early beta, that was kind of depressing to hear. It's not that HARD to make new PvP content. I played Warhammer and even as a game with half your subscription base they STILL managed to put in new warzones for special events, mix and max the ones available, and tweak their castle sieges. Hey... didn't you work on that too, Mr. Hickman?

So what's wrong? Why is it so difficult to make some new pvp maps in ToR? Are you worried about balance and testing? That is why many games use a... test server. I think you even have one! You could use it!

Do you lack the resources to make new content? Recycle some flashpoints! Or points on the map. Revisit some areas where a previous story happened... flesh it out, give us an epilogue, whatever. It doesn't have to be complicated.

Here is a real question for the development team: why can't you put in some new maps for pvp?
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