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Free to play is not a solution, not with the current restrictions on F2P accounts, come on Bioware.. you seriously think giving us more players on restricted accounts is going to solve our problems?

No, its not, those restrictions will create a division in the community of those that subscribe, those that F2P and pay to do the higher content on and off again basis and those that are just pure F2P.

What we need is more dedicated and subscribed players, people who want to join progression ops, ranked wz's, a large chunk of our servers population is missing out on this content simply because of numbers. I feel Nova's pain, as the founder of the new effort to get people into harder content (Hard CoR progression ops) the past 2 weeks I have struggled getting people to make up balanced and capable teams. Not because noone is interested but simply the lack of population means we have very little variety. Not just that but if one person can't make it or dosen't turn up then one of the 3 teams is screwed.

How is that going to be fixed by F2P? Honestly I'd have to think hard about relying on someone who often isn't able to do ops on a regular basis because his/her account is seriously restricted. 'Sorry, gonna have to skip the ops starting in 10 minutes because my credit card got declined' pfft.

If your serious about helping APAC servers then make the restrictions less hard Bioware, we don't NEED restricted players, we need players that will be able to make the same contributions to the server as the subscribers.

We're doing our part, Visz Alliance, Dawn, CoR, Sun Guard, all the major guilds on the Gav are jumping in to try and bolster moral and get stuff happening, how about helping us out a bit? I really suggest one of your developers go read the Gav Daragon forums and see the effort your dedicated subscribers are putting in to make sure Gav dosen't die, then get back to us.
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