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Slaign, I totally get what you're saying, and you're very articulate with why you want what you want and how it hampers your full enjoyment of games. I feel a lot of the same thing when I play other games that /never/ let me play what I want, and I always, /always/ have to choose a second-best game-path and either get bored and play something else, or sort of shrug and learn to like what I do have. I too have held off on playing certain things in other games, waiting for the promised additional content that would make me a happier camper. Other than writing a game myself (hah!), there's never going to be a game that I'm perfectly happy with in terms of story, with all respect for the folks here at Bioware raising the bar for what I will and will not 'settle for'.

And you're right, you shouldn't have to settle. It's been a year, and I've been waiting for other things in the game that aren't even as visible or most likely on the devs' radar as this must surely be (300+ pages of commentary?). It really has turned into a 'take a dump or get off the pot' sort of situation at this point.

I really do hope that we all hear something soon after F2P. I'll give 'em a little extra grace period due to that circumstance, but after that... not so much.

Fingers and toesies crossed!
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