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11.09.2012 , 10:27 PM | #3045
I want to be patient. I really do. I want so bad to love this game, and everything that exists in the game, I do love. But this one thing that's missing really hampers my enjoyment. SGRAs are a staple of BioWare games that have always contributed greatly to my enjoyment of them. It's a part of the making the story your own.

There are a lot of valid reasons for this to be important to someone. I don't happen to be homosexual, myself. For me it's a simple case of my favorite thing in fiction is an awesome female character. I find the female characters generally more interesting and compelling.

For me, that means I want the character I control to be female. It's also pretty much universal that my favorite companion out of each group is female. I want to romance my favorite. I want my favorite to be the one by my side, and I want the one by my side to be my romance.

They've made the story such a big part of this game that I want to enjoy it in full, in one glorious experience. But as it is, I feel like I'd have to enjoy it piecemeal. I can either enjoy the main character of my story and miss out on the romance I want to see, or I can play a main character I find less compelling in order to see that romance.

The story and companion interaction is my favorite aspect of a BioWare game.

So you can see why I find this issue so important. And when the issue is that important to you, nothing is more frustrating than silence. I'd rather have no hope and just go ahead and make my decisions on how I play the game and whether I play the game knowing there was no SGRAs coming, than to have hope that one day, I'll be able to play the way I want to play.

As it is, I feel as if I can only play a few of my least favorite classes, because I'm holding on to hope that I can go through my favorites the first time the way I want to. At the same time, I'm not sure my patience will pay off, because Bioware is silent.

It's also important to get the acknowledgement done because it's not like just confirming SGRAs is the end of the road. It's only the beginning, We also have to know how they are going to do it. Are they going to just throw us a bone by making one class have one companion that swings both ways when they add companions? Are they going to introduce new companions that are gay for each class? Are all future companions going to be like HK-51, and for all classes, and if so does that mean that one of these will be a SGRA, but our only option? Will SG flirting be enabled? Will they just remove the gender flag and allow anyone to romance anyone?

All these questions matter, and need to be answered, but can't even be addressed until they finally start talking to us. Those answers matter now, because what happens in the future has bearing on what choices I make now. If current companions will never have SGRAs, there is no need for me to wait to play certain classes hoping for that.

It's hard to hear people ask for patience when I've been patiently waiting almost a year for this news.