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It's the way of the newer generations, were suppose to lower the bar to the dumbest person in the group.....
Yes, and that's what's killing the industry. You have to make a game that works both Hardcore and casuals.

WoW got that part right, if you want casual then solo play and LFG/LFR is for you, if you want hardcore then 25 Man Heroics and stuff like "Alone in the Dark" or "I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" is want you want.

Even the current Op - HM TfB - isn't really "hardcore" more like, not for casuals.
From what Astral has said about NiM EC* however, it looks like there will finally be hardcore PvE content in SWTOR

*One of their PTS Ops guys told me that 8 Man NiM EC Kephess made 16 Man HM The Terror From Beyond seems like an easy boss. As long as BW doesn't nerf NiM Kephess they've renewed my interest in raiding.
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