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EXACTLY what they're doing. Ironic isn't it. The feeling of superiority these people feel is sickening. Thank GOD I don't run into their type often.
If I haven't seen the story then I want to see it. I rolled a healer (and play with a tank) so that I can have the pleasure of doing that, something that some of you already had the pleasure of doing since you started way before me, and thus seem to think that only YOU matter.

If someone wants to leave and re-queue, because they don't like us watching the cutscenes we have never seen (or even ones we've already seen but just feel like watching again), they are obviously allowed to do that. We'll even vote kick them (on request) so that they don't have to deal with the lockout timer. But can almost guarantee the wait for a DPS to get back in is going to be longer than the wait for us to watch the cutscenes, so you weigh your options and deal with it.

It's not a feeling of superiority, it's a feeling that I FINALLY get to enjoy the STORY I paid for. I played Battle for Ilum and False Emperor many, many times with my first toon and NEVER got to see the story because of 'spacebar!' people. If I have to be a jerk (and roll the two necessary parts of the team) to these same people in order to watch it, then so be it. I paid for the story and I will HAVE my story.

If you don't like that someone is playing the game the way BW intended it to be played (with the story intact) then roll your OWN tank and healer.