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Do you one better, they were in ROTJ.
The issue of manufacturing lore to fit game mechanics is kind of my point. It's always (always) a bad idea. The only games that got the Jedi/Star Wars experience right were the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games. In an MMO, you would have had to exclude the "class" from players to avoid diluting and diminishing it to fit gameplay balance concerns. SWG initially were on the right track with their approach, but players tantrumed so much they changed things.

So, the point of magical metals ("sciencified" to make them somehow believable) actually makes my point for me. You can create any sort of device within lore that you want to, and manufacture any sort of explanation as to why it exists. That doesn't prevent it diluting and reducing the universe - which is always does. It takes real courage to maintain a fictitious universe and keep it authentic to itself. I agree that Star Wars passed that point years ago with the prequels.

None of which stops Jedis using axes instead of lightsabres from being a fatal undermining of the things that made the original Jedi idea, and the original Star Wars universe so compelling.
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