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Its about time you did a "State of the Game" post. It only took you almost a year. That being said, it was pretty lackluster. Most state of the game posts tell people about the near future of the game and how far along they are working on certain features/content.

We already know you are going F2P. We already know why you are going F2P. If you need to restate it then atleast be honest about it. People did not quit because of a 15 dollar barrier. People quit because they didnt feel your game was worth 15 bucks. There is a huge difference there.

I was excited to see you made one of these but now I am even more depressed. You have finally taken this time to talk to us, only to show us that you have some tattoos and tell us how you were the head guy in charge of MMOs that have failed miserably once you took over.
QFT. Amen.