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My guesses:
- SGR is gone with Daniel Erickson
- class stories are gone because that's what drove the budget of SWTOR through the roof. 8 stories with voice acting, 8 times the dialogues of "dragon age" or "mass effect" plus 40 companions.
1) I find the idea that SGRs or anything for that matter would be attached to one man on the team a bit silly. It's a fully Bioware/EA supported concept.
2) As I often have mentioned to people who bring this up, the actors are under contract and the industry standard is that they receive annual salaries. They don't get paid by the session.

The bigger factor in both of those things that is most relevant is *time*. It takes time to get all that dialogue recorded and edited and people are impatient as it is.

I definitely get the impression that there is a general gag order on all story related stuff.
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