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Like someone said the story could very well be evolving about their children. Leya´s family most likely. Luke would be the headmaster of a school for young jedi´s or a member of the jedi counsil, maybe both. Ford would stumble upon some dark sith relic or sect or something and come see his old friend at the academy about it. Maybe bring the relic to Luke. One of the royal family would ofc happen to be a student on the academy.
Luke might try to use the relic or open it and set something free. Or he could get hurt or possesed by some dark force. The student would ask ford about the relic and try to figure out a way to save their headmaster. The Jedi counsill will probably be asked for guidance and a taskforce sent out to where ford found the relic. Some powerfull jedis and the most exeptional studen ever in the academy, ofc leya´s son or daughter, would go find answers. Some farewell scene to get Fisher a little screentime. I can easily see a story develop.