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My patience withered and died from malnutrition - they clearly don't have the stones to just admit it's been delayed beyond 'this year, definitely'... hell, answering anything from over a quarter of their MtD follow-up was too hard for them.
It's not as clear as you might think. We, on the outside, don't know all the whyfors of the situation. We don't know the reasons why they haven't said diddly squat (and I agree, it /is/ diddly squat). I also firmly, politely, and unequivocally disagree with anyone who believes that Bioware doesn't care. I've had the good fortune to meet some of the folks on the team at the last two PAX Easts, and I cannot honestly believe that they don't care. They're good people, and they don't deserve to obliquely be called cowards. Just because you're not getting what you want right this second doesn't mean you won't get it at some point. Again, they haven't said 'sorry, we changed our mind'. Hold onto that VERY firmly.

However, I also know there's a time and a place for such frustration, and the eve of the biggest change to the game since launch is not it. The delays have not been awesome on Bioware's part, the info isn't there that you want now now now, and it sucks knowing that SGRAs aren't the company's #1 priority with this game. Buuuuuuut, I'd rather there be a game left for there to be SGR content added to than selfishly fuss over the one section of content one is myopically fixated on. Is it important content? Sure, of course it is. But there's a bigger picture that we should also keep in mind.

I'm personally going to wait until after F2P settles down, give it a couple of weeks, see what breaks, see if the Makeb theory is honored... and then start asking more questions.

Maybe I'm just too old and mellow, I dunno.
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