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11.09.2012 , 05:48 PM | #65
I'm sorry, but none of what ive seen there so far regarding this cartel nonsense is rocking my world atm, if this is just going to be a cosmetic item store with a few quirky pets and daft animations, then it wont keep my interest for long, how about after you release this silly justification for a subscribers cash, you get back to whats really important, and i dont just mean endless new operations or warzones, its time to go back to brass tacks gentlemen and work on the mmo basics youve neglected to impliment so far as the list is endless (really need guildmail, and far better guild management tools / features) for starters. I can only hope they announce something epic soon about thier super secret space project, and it better be for subscribers only, after all, its us lot paying for its development, if its been dropped in favour of crass outfits and gimmicks with the occassional new operation every 6 weeks, your going to loose a lot interest from subscribers.