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All I can say is they would have a chat, a long long chat. I can almost see it now, Kreia and Yoda perched on rocks amongst the vines and marshes of Dagobah... I have a funny feeling they'd get on :P Kreia likes smart people.

She's a human wrecker ball, a troublemaker. Every where she goes she starts questioning people and their beliefs and then they get angry and she messes them about. Hence why she got kicked out of pretty much all the clubs, Jedi, Sith, the Ebon Hawk... did she ever make any friends?
If Kreia tones her Insidious Force belief and manipulations down, I'm sure they could find some common ground. Although I think she might lose it seeing what Yoda eats lol

I don't think she made any friends. Even Sion and Nihilus hated her. The Jedi "disapproved" of her teachings. The Ebon Hawk crew rallied against her once her plans came into focus. Being as manipulative as she is, I'm sure she could make friends. She just has to tone down the manipulations.
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