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I admit I cheered like a small girl when I bought the CC hood-down robe on the PTR. I log into the PTR just to see my character as I want him to look. However after some thought I considered this. How about all of us that are still mad (myself included) just ignore the robes on the market until we get a toggle? I have a Jedi Myrmidon robe. I payed 30k for it (got a steal on it) and I'd like to use it hood-down. So how about we just suck it up and live with the hood up until they implement it?
The problem is if they release some truly awesome looking armor like the character creation screen armor, then I will need to drawn out some serious willpower not to buy it. But even with the sith robes on the CC, I wont buy those, they just would not fit my character.
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