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Iīm not expecting more class story untill an expansion some day, but none of us realy know for sure. Were kept in the dark, and this interview didnīt help one bit. "i cant say anything about future plans" whatīs that about. You dont have to be specific, but some vague idea of the direction of the game realy should be possible to deliver. If you dont know were your heading then were realy worse trouble than i feared.
I agree, it's very frustrating, and all of the marketing videos in the world do not replace a developer actually talking to us about the direction and future of this game. The State of the Game post was a joke. Right now we know nothing about what the future has in store for anything, and that's after a very tumultuous year in which BioWare struggled with server consolidations and getting very basic MMO features into the game, which took them forever. I really think the Lead Writer should be able to say point blank, without any spoilers, what we can expect in terms of story in this story-based MMO. Maybe my expectations are too high. Maybe I'm sick of hearing about Free to Play and HK-51, and I want to hear something of substance from BioWare.