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Q: In a recent interview, you mentioned you mentioned that the writing direction of the future would be akin to the Avengers, bringing the individual stories together into one epic story. Could you elaborate on what this means for the future?

Hall: I can't reveal anything about our future plans, but we're always experimenting with new styles of storytelling for SWTOR. Some stories work especially well as a great big group team-up where players compete for the spotlight during conversations (hence the Avengers analogy), but that doesn't mean players have to be grouped in order to enjoy them. All of our content that isn't specifically written to be a class story is designed to work equally well whether you're in a group or flying solo.

I'm sorry, but I have to call this a total dodge. We already have multiplayer conversations, and have had from the very beginning so that is clearly not what Mr. Hood was talking about in the interview. The implication was that you guys would not be making anymore Class Stories in favor of "Avenger-style" stories instead. That is the issue. Point blank, can we expect more class stories in the future or is that off the table for cost reasons? Right now we don't know if we will ever get more class story content and for a lot of us that's what makes this game worth subscribing to.