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You know, those answers are actually really boring. This has been the most underwhelming Blog Post by far - I wasn't hoping to be overwhelmed, merely whelmed. I am not whelmed. Hard to feel excited about story content when the lead writer can't make it sound exciting.

Lack of SGRA talk is becoming a sadly hilarious constant.
Thats the truth. While SGRA aren't that important to me they are to a lot of people yet it was ignored.

Really can't say how much I don't care if an actor got notes or who picked them and as for how you got to work at bioware what does it really matter? You could be a tramped they pulled off the street or Oxford educated it doesn't matter if the stories are good. As for whats in the cup good question really cared about that too.

So all in all bang up job on answering some tough questions there. The game is losing subscriptions and rather than do anything about it or discuss with players what could be done we get this. Not inspiring confidence that cartel boxes aren't a means of wrincing a few more bucks out of players before we go into maintenance mode.