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Well, I'm back. Just re-subbed for a month to take advantage of the extra Cartel Coins and to actually experience the full game for a month before I go Preferred F2P.
Welcome back mate.

Quote: Originally Posted by Lankybrit View Post
I would like to know if there's any other way to get them (subscribers get 250 per month I think), even if it's just a small amount? Or, if I am F2P, I can only get Cartel Coins (other than those I started with) by using real cash?
Right now, the only two ways I know to get CCs is to purchase a sub and get a grant of 500/month or purchase them with real $$$. I remember reading an article where BW stated they are working on ways to integrate CC acquisition into normal gameplay. Not sure how they plan on doing it.

Other games do it with grinding activities like X/Monster Kills and Deed completions. If you think about it, they could integrate some CCs in with finding Datacrons or easter egg stuff like that.
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