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11.09.2012 , 04:15 PM | #296
Regarding Topic #2: Bugs

I think most people understand that new bugs may crop up when a new update is released, and hopefully they get fixed within a few days or a week. What bothers me are the bugs that have always been in the game since the day the game was released: things like NPC conversations playing loudly after you move out of earshot of the conversation, companion UI disappearing after a story cut scene, companions wigging out and/or running away when you try to use a lift, clipping issues on character armor, etc. There are plenty of bugs like this that have been in the game forever. Most of these old bugs are not critical, but they are still bugs and for them to have lasted this long implies that Bioware simply doesn't care enough to be bothered to fix them. I think most of us have just gotten used to them by now, but they are still BUGS and they contribute to an overall "unpolished" feel to the game.