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At this point, I just want them to confirm SGRA's so the "LOLZ, they haven't said anything in a long time so that means they scrapped SGRA's! Neener neener!!!" posts will end.
As I theorized in my big long blogpost linked a few pages back, Bioware would have told us years ago if they weren't doing SGR content at all. The theory still holds, in my mind at least, that given we know they're aware of this thread and how frustrated folks are, that if they'd changed their minds and decided not to include it, they wouldn't string everyone along for months (approaching a year now) after saying 'sure, we're gonna do this!' They would have made an announcement shortly after such a decision was made, take the heat from the subsequent explosion, and then move on.

One thing I think is important to remember is that Bioware isn't out to piss us all off. Sure, they're a company, and I personally have less trust in the EA situation than I trust Bioware directly. But in general, the people who work there aren't out to make us all upset. I don't personally believe that they're out to shun or ignore or shut out folks who are in favor of SGRAs. I actually feel really bad for them when they can't tell us about all the cool stuff coming down the pike at some point. However, I tend to agree that the gag orders seem very strict and the paucity of information doesn't help them. I'm hopeful that recent statements from Joveth that they're going to try and be more communicative will pan out. Of course, they could tell us everything and there'd still be some people grousing about it.

I have a suspicion that if F2P launching now wasn't part of their original gameplan, the SGR situation would have stayed on the original 'by the time the year is up' hints. But crap happened, and thus the gameplan had to change.

However, I do not believe they have forgotten us or changed their minds. I have faith they would have (regretfully) told us so if they had decided to scrap it.

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