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A guild is a community with similar interests and goals. I'm surprised there isn't a group for guys that want to play ops for fun together and do PvP etc. without the horrible schedules and punishment systems. And don't tell me they're necessary because they're not!
Like we roll in Dark Brotherhood is pretty much like this...

We got a raidplanner to obviously plan when we are doing what raid. Time when raid starts.
WHY? Because people got private life's as well, family kids, jobs and so on... Being able to plan a little ahead or planing on how long you can stay on during week days ... I think that is just fair... if you are 5-10 min later then you write it in notes and we will have understanding. But constantly waiting on someone 30+ min who just doesn't feel for even trying to get there on time is just pissing all over your community/ guild members as you don't respect other peoples time. I personally think that's selfish and will make you get replaced really quickly. Simply sign up on does raids that you can attend but when you sign up it is kind of expected of you to be there on time.

but raidplanner is pretty much just to keep schedule. We don't use DKP or any other kind of punishment system...

There are some requirement for doing different ops. Obviously you can't really go do TFB with columi gear. As you state it there not having stim pack is just sloppy on your end and it seems that you are not interested in same goals as everyone else if they are using them except of you....

I don't know what scared crap out of you or what guild but I can tell you that members of Dark Brotherhood are very happy with how we sorted our things.

All end game content is conquered and we just started off 2nd ops group to gear up people who just hit 50. Going back and doing EV KP... I think only that speaks for it self that people are happy with our current system. Hell we have people who quited game but still hang out at our teamspeak server because of social aspect. So yes there are guilds out there who are friendly and social but it still requires you to have somewhat respect for other members and not being an *** just because you are sloppy and don't care about your community or your friends that you play with.
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