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I'm looking for a guild that isn't hardcore. One that doesn't take things overly serious but wants to have fun doing PvE mainly. Not a pure social or a pure PvE but one in the middle. No scheduled operations, punishments, leaderboards, yadda yadda yadda. I love operations and want to have fun doing them, not get shouted at because I'm 5 minutes late and don't have stims. Yeah?

Is there one on ToFN?

If not I might start one because otherwise there is nothing for most players on this server to do in the endgame!
Hi there and welcome to the server!

As I post in a previous post before:

Welcome to the server and hope you're having a wonderful time with us!

You can find a guild in this section, furthermore in this thread you can find some useful information about most of the guilds in server. Hope you like it!

Again, welcome to ToFN!
Kind regards.
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