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11.09.2012 , 01:02 PM | #18
I've added pics of my stats both buffed/stimmed and without. My gear Is campaign/Dread Guard that has been modded, also ALL my augments are willpower except one accuracy to push mine just over 100%


Unbuffed/no stim:

I also use a warhero relic of boundless ages and a battlemaster relic of forbidden secrets (which i plan on replacing when able with another WH relic)

EDIT: I've decided upon further reading to include a pic of my build (here: )

As another note, I am a member of a 4/5 TfB HM ops group running with a marauder, and I am very able to keep up with him.. yes he still trumps me, but he himself admits that there are times during my burst rotation that I will out dps him (especially if we both time it right and he pops his blood thirst as I burn. xP)
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