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A lot of things werent issues prior to 1.3

Dont know what they did to "optimize" their shadows or whatever, but it simply destroyed framerates.

I get stutter, lag spikes of up to 15 secs frozen on screen, ability delay, etc. all of which has occurred mainly after 1.3, and 1.4 made much of it worse.

This is the most important factor in not being able to enjoy pvp or pve gameplay for me- I simply dont get good response from the game technically, making it near impossible to enjoy the good parts of the game due to poor performance of the engine.

I really wish they would just concentrate the majority of their workforce and troubleshooting time to performance issues. If the game doesnt play well, nothing else really matters, we can talk about nerfs/buffs/balance etc, but if you cant play the game because of technical issues, all the rest just doesnt matter.
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