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Yeah, I doubt it is as heated as Revan. That's about as controversial as it gets.

But I feel that this particular topic is a very interesting one because it (unlike other topics) isn't dictated by canon. We don't know for SURE what would have happened if the Jedi had entered the war, and this means that there is room for opinions. There is no absolute right or absolute wrong, and that makes this topic interesting.
Problem with the Revan Debat is there are two sides of it that will never agree and there is a middle trapped because of their like or don't care about the whole Revan bit .

Revan was not all powerful , he was a key Character defined by his roll in a War that made him stand out . If not for that War we will never know because then it becomes a What If that will likely never happen other than fanbase imaginations .
Personally I been playing Kotor I and II recently and it did make my want to like Revan and Meetra more .
Revan is not a George Lucas character so there for hes trapped by Rules that were set in stone , but those same rules say the All Powerful GrandMaster Luke never happens , nor does it say he ever married or taht Mara Jade ever lived .
Now that Lucas is gone , so is Plot Armor and those Rules .
I like my characters with faults , able to die, and not all powerful .
Last year I was a Big Revan Fanboy but between the disappointment of the Revan Novel and Foundrey and the Revan Fandoys it kinda hurt him to me .
We are all welcomed to like who we want but since this game "TOR" was made , the majority of debats have been created by those who hate/really dislike his fanbase or character. The Counter reply by his fanbase has been as bad as the attacks .

I like Luke Skywalker ,Ep4-6 . I really dislike EU Grandmaster , wipe the floor , pwn everything Luke Skywalker .
But I like EU Luke married to Mara Jade , after all Luke is not beyond Romance and is not Jesus for Petter sakes.

So in the end the KotoR lore always gets the most opinionated and most full out fight Debats in the whole StarWars Series .
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