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Revan's actions during the war led to his fall to the Dark Side.

Now as to what I would do in this situation if I were the Jedi Grand Master.

I would work in conjunction with Republic heads of the military to analyze the attack plan of the Mandalorian. Using the information that we gathered through meditation and the attack plan of the Mandalorians, I would create a blockade to protect the systems that the Mandalorians are attacking most ferociously. I would then put small groups of Jedi on these planets and two Jedi per military fleet, but only as advisors and fleet commanders. They would also command the ground forces from the safety of the fleet*.

Once the blockade is set, I would then move the Republic fleets to systematically take system after system, slowly but carefully. Eventually, the Mandalorians would be routed and defeated.

This approach would allow the Jedi to fulfill their role as peace-keepers, while protecting their numbers from death and the Dark Side. For the war with the Sith Empire would be won in the Force, not with weapons and starships.

But we do agree that the Jedi could have acted differently.

* Safety as in safety from the Dark Side and the trappings of war

War changes people , Jedi themselves are open to their own opinions at times and intrest . More often do Jedi change to Darkjedi through out Lore then talked about . Exar Kun , Revan , Malek , Dooku , and Anakin are not the only ones to go from Jedi to Sith or DarkJedi's . War changed Jacen as well , it takes a Toll on you when you see the defenseless die hopelessly and without mercy .
(I know War did not change Exar Kun or Dooku , they were on the Path no matter what was going on at their time and neither fell in a War but both were Key members of their own Wars)

Even if the Jedi Council would have got involved from the getgo , it would probably quickened Revan's fall to the darkside and he would still have likely taken those who followed him when the Council did not get involved , it is highly likely he would have gotten more Jedi to follow him down his path if the Council did get involved .
Its MY OPINION if the Coucil got involved , it would be likely Meetra would have fallen and followed Malek and Revan to the Darkside as she wouldn't have a Council to judge her on her actions !

So in the long run if you look at it as if it was fate , than these events that did happen all have a purpose for the greater of the timeline .
Meetra who is oddly not talked about in this Debat had to go her path in order to help teh Jedi order become more wiser to the cautions of what might come and she did !
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