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The Emperor's plan would've worked regardless, that's all that really mattered.
I think you are part Correct ,
*If Revan didn't go to aid the Republic more than likely someone who followed him would have anyways
*Maybe because Revan never went to War neither would have Meetra who was talked into it by Malek and Revan
*If these event never happened the The Jedi Meetra helped Rebuilt might have no been as Wise and ready for the Emperor !

Heres the What ifs
* Likely the Jedi would have no choice but to get involved later in the War which would have lead to more Jedi turned DarkJedi
* Maybe even a Republic distaste for the Jedi for letting them lose so much
* A weaker Republic because if Revan , Malek , Meetra and the others that followed them did not get involved , they would not have been stronger .
* likely the Emperor would have increased further on their weakness and the Republic would eventually became the Empire .

I know I am missing a few What IFs and Maybes
But we can all say in the end Meetra helped make the Jedi Stronger after the events of KotoRII , and if she would have never followed Revan , she might have not been so skilled and wise in the end after learning from War .
She being the only one out of the Many Jedi to follow Revan that never turned DarkJedi or so I can think of.

This is what makes Meetra's character so important and intresting , she remained a loyal friend with a man that turned on what they believed . I still think maybe there was some feelings involved but that is JUST MY OPINION !
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