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11.09.2012 , 11:42 AM | #61
Nice video and I agree that he looks tired give him a brief holiday when you launch F2P. Now as for the flying throne , I only noticed about 3 people liking it in this thread. So to the complainers , are you fairly new to sci-fi mmo's ? I had to ask because obviously you never played Phantasy Star Online ( any episode ) , the chair races where epic ! So THE THRONE'S CAN STAY THANK YOU! BRING ON THE THRONE RACES I WILL BE THE WINNER! We can chase all the throne haters down . I can not wait , might even be quite cheap on the GTN , mind you I'm sure they won't complain when they get one and sell it for mega monies ;/ sigh.


'Ah you think micro transactions are your ally ? The DLC betrays you because it belongs to me , when your home world is monetized , you have my permission to buy'.
"Oh goody. Lord Douchebag McFuzzlebunny can now be related to me if he see's my legacy name and decides he likes it." quote from Selvec 09/06/12