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11.09.2012 , 11:37 AM | #17
had similar runs like these in a few other mmos and in a couple it was almost non existent.

the reoccurring problem i have been seeing in this one is the constant breaking of cc and running ahead of the tank. just last night had a new 50 player dps attacking all of the cc mobs in bh cts. the other dps called him out and briefly he stopped but then continued on.

in game voice channel(s) would be really nice to have in this game as it would make communication so much easier for the lfd ops and hm groups so many of us do. also having a ui that has a all the time built in ability to attack target of target making a main assist(s) feasible would eliminate most of that runs problems too.

for myself a built in permanent ui ability to attack target of target is more of a mmo staple than a lfd is and am baffled why this game just doesnt have it. each their own i guess.