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You make a good point, but I feel there is a bit of speculation here.

But what would have happened if the Jedi had entered the war? And I'm talking about even the Jedi Masters themselves. If they'd been on the frontlines then they could have aided men like Revan, who were making bad choices. The Sith Empire was not an immediate threat, although the Jedi felt that they were, and they abstained for that reason. In truth, the Jedi/Republic were in no current danger of the Empire. Accordingly, the Jedi should have entered the war (or perhaps just provide light support and advisory as Aurbere said).
Jedi Masters use to leave a Jedi follow his own path. As for Ulic Qel Droma and Exar Kun (how easy they could be stopped in the beginning, when they showed a strange "passion" for the Sith?), so happened later, with Revan, Malak, Anakin and others. This is a very libertarian behaviour, and I can admire it in a Jedi Master, that feels something is burning in his dear and adored padawan, sees him do the wrong choices, and in spite of this, he leaves him free to make mistakes, to choice his path. For me It's libertarian, but now so wise...
If Jedi Masters led Mandalorian wars, with their wisdom and prudence, problably many atrocities never could not happen. Problably.
But Jedi Masters choose to wait and examine what happened because they felt a hidden danger, The Sith Empire, and were scared by the risk that some Jedi could fall with the war. A self-fulfilling prophecy?