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Yeah, I'm sure the thread title confused a few of you

In any case, I just thought I would share the story of how I died...and came back as a healer. Amen brotha!

But seriously, I've played a tank for many years in MMOs, never thinking I would want to be a back-seat healer/support class. However, I re-rolled another JC and went Sage. Typically I was soloing a lot of content in TOR as a tank, but as a Sage I wanted to put my Seer-dom to the test and did as much pugging as I could in FPs and Heroics.

I basically sold myself as an "experimental healer with no promises of life-safety", but when it came to nomal FPs and Heroics, most people didn't care and were just happy to have a healer at all. So, I did my part: bubbled & healed the MT and OT, cc'd elites, and occasionally threw out some dots, and channeled dps to help when my force pool allowed. But then I (at least with a few groups I was in) had to deal with my cc's being broken by my own group members (no thanks to those pesky exploding AoE barrels that ppl love clicking on indiscriminately) and mobs attacking me most likely due to healing aggro.

So, in all the mad juggling of re-ccing, pushing inc mobs away from until the MT/OT taunted, re-bubbling the tank, and trying to keep my force pool in the upper bracket, I managed to allow the MT to get burned down to almost nothing, and see the poor guys comment of "Well this is a wipe..." UNTIL I shifted gears with noble sacrifice, and spammed the only two heals I had at lvl 25 and brought that health back up to par and the MT was back to doing his worse.

Now, I know this is nothing special and quite honestly most of the stuff I read from healers are way more drama than what I experienced, but the best part about it was the fact that the MT was so blown away by the last second save that he asked me to join him on a few more heroics. Now that's just an awesome feeling, especially when you are just starting out in a new role and anxiety tries to hold you down.

So, between my Operative and Sage, I think I'll have my work cut out for me