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I've seen a few people in full WH running around with PVE enhancements? I thought BW removed the DR's on Expertise to resolve this? Are the PVE enhancements still better to use than the PVP ones?
They didn't remove the DR, they moved DR to be more in line with PvE gear at higher EXP numbers. That was the "buff" to EXP. Second, they adjusted the mitigation and healing down a bit from the buffed number to get TTK to where it is at now. That might sound confusing, but what they did was change the contribution of EXP points to percent increase in PvP because prior to 1.2, PvP gear was actually inferior to its PvE counter part from an output perspective. That's why people could wear RAK gear in WZ(and actually still can). Even with the Buff, once you get past 700 EXP DR starts to kick in, and after 900, mitigation and healing gains are pretty steep DRs. Damage is the only viable stat after 900, so main stat is actually even or better than carrying more EXP.

While some disagree, the soft caps for EXP are:
1100 for DPS
1000 for Tanks
900 for Healers
Once you get past those numbers, using PvE (BH/CAMP) armorings will actually significantly increase your output.

I would never recommend swapping a PvE ENH for a PvP one.. That makes no sense. Even on a Black Hole quality ENH, you are only gaining +4 on a "lower tier" secondary stat (like surge), but losing 30EXP per slot. Every other stat is the same. The BiS min/max comes in when you swap a PvP armoring for a PvE one. The only time you should swap EXP is if you are getting MAIN/END back in the process, as those directly correlate into output and survivability(MAIN for damage/heals and END for mitigation).

Hope this helps!
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