Thread: 10K hit pvp.
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11.09.2012 , 09:46 AM | #6
Saw that picture and if this was a serious attempt to make a point about rage (and in particular rage maras) should get nerfed i must say its a poor attempt. And yes, i do belive that focus/rage got buffed needlessly in the ressource management department since 1.4. But as for big hits, well, i could hit 7k + before 1.4 and anyone who can do this now could have done it before as well. - And make no mistake, everything above 7 k is pretty much the maximum i can do and of 10 smashes maybe one can achive that. U just had to work a bit more for it since it wasnt *free* like it is now and u did have to care about focus/rage management to a certain degree. But now to the picture itself, where do i start:

- the game was a loss, so a single lucky 10k hit obivously meant next to nothing
- damage overall was pretty unimpressive
- so was dps
- and so were kills and probably killing blows