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That last part is the common ground, and I agree. On the rest, I respectfully disagree. It's not my intent to antagonize at all. But I still feel that the story watchers are entitled first. The group shouldn't be held hostage by people doing it on purpose. At the same time, it should not pressure the individual to skip. I think we can both agree on that much. I still disagree with kicking people for watching a cutscene unless they are doing it out of malice or breaking an earlier agreement to skip.
Text is a poor medium for conveying tone. With this post of yours, I believe we're probably on the same page. I took issue with the word "entitled" and probably read more into the word than you intended.

If it is someones first time in the instance, they will generally mention that at the start of a run, which indicates to me that they'll probably want to watch the cut-scenes, I'll always stay (excluding an emergency) and help this type of player because I absolutely enjoy helping other people. The guy who is off skipping trash mobs immediately is almost always a skipper - having done all the FP's multiple times, I'm totally fine with (and generally prefer) speed runs.

I have never 'kicked' anyone, nor ever suggested it be done (in a FP), but if someone was being a jackhole (watching out of spite or insisting on spacebar), I would have absolutely no issue using it. This works both ways. An antagonizing watcher is worse than a skipper imo because his childish behavior directly impacts me, however, if someone is new to the run, I will defend their right to watch the cut-scenes.

I think the moral of this thread is quite simple - know the type of group you're in BEFORE you start. If you insist on being a watcher OR a skipper, you need to be vocal about your intent - it's only fair. While everyone is free to watch or skip, the actions of 1 impacts the entire group. If one person can't get along with the group, I encourage the use of KICK or QUIT.
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