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11.09.2012 , 08:49 AM | #225
My point on this matter is similar to that of some people posting here - if someone wants to read/listen through the story, so be it. You think about yourself being bored after X-th run through it, but he might've been doing it for the first time. Or someone picked the opposite side choice than in his first run, so he is interested in the further development of the dialogue.

Why does HE have to be forced to spacebar through it if YOU do not want to hear/read it? Why not let people enjoy the game the way they want if it's new to them? It's not like the dialogues take hours. You don't have time to wait for the dialogues? Please, tell me more how you decide to run a FP when you know you will have to be in a hurry and will totally be late if some punk decides to actually listen to the dialogues(that bastard!).

Why not spacebar yourself to the end of this dialogue phase and pour some coke or tea into your cup as you wait? Or take a quick run to the kitchen to grab an apple and eat it in the meanwhile? Check if your girlfriend texted you, text her back or, I don't know... order pizza if you're a fat nerd with no social skills away from the calming light of his screen like me.

You may want to skip the dialogues, but don't force others to do it, simple. And goes very well with the only commandment of pastafarianism.
At least I have chicken.