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Quote: Originally Posted by kalibri View Post
Where's my high res textures ?
Why is the grass growing 30m in front of me while on High settings ?
Why is my female smuggler running funny while having the blaster out ?
Why my tickets are Closed while unresolved ?
Your opinion. My opinion:

The game looks stunning as I run it on max with a high resolution. It's stunningly beautiful with a slightly cartoon-esque feel. This is good. Realism in graphics does not age well. Do you remember AoC when it first came out? If a PC was top notch it was the most stunning MMO at the time in respects to graphics. Now, however, other MMOs that are older than it look better. Realism in graphics does not age well. Regardless of the realistic element, it does not pen for childishness and looks striking and smooth. The animations of abilities, the reflexes of the character and the general motion of movement is smooth, without clips and looks high quality.

The grass I see from far, far away. It's set on max and I not not notice a chop off from 30m away.

My main is a female smuggler scoundrel. You said blaster and not blasters. Can't comment on two but one looks fine. Absolutely fine. As you would run with such a thing. As they run with such a thing in previous games and in the movies.

Lastly I made a ticket and received an answer a few hours later. The issue was resolved and matters were dealt with quickly and efficiently.

For a start I'm not a "fan" of the space opera SW. I'm playing with this my partner who isn't either really. The game is of such high quality it draws people who have little interest in the mammoth pit that is Star Wars.