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Just for fun (I'm at work on my lunch, fun is relative), I thought I'd see what my top Shoot First was. I'd just emailed myself some of my latest combat logs this morning.

For reference, I'm a full optimised WH-aug scrapper talented for max dps, no hybrid nonsense. So I'm doing pretty much the biggest hits a scoundrel can hope to put out.

In the last three weeks I did 1,758 Shoot Firsts (been taking it easy and playing other games too or would have been more).

The average damage was 3,091

The highest recorded single hit of these 1,758 Shoot First s was 6,388. I suspect that was a screwy result though, because I know the player it was on and there's no way he was in anything other than WH gear himself.

Next highest hit was way back at 5,886. Now I can believe getting that if the stars aligned (warzone buff, debuffs on target, etc) on a zero-expertise sorc. I got the same guy for 5,285 with Shoot First earlier in the same wz.

Added to which, as helpfully pointed out above, you can't chain Shoot Firsts as it has a 8s cd.

So no, there is no way in SWTOR your man got hit for two 7k Shoot Firsts one straight after another. If he was the worst geared guy in the world, and the scoundrel was as lucky as can be, he might have taken two hits of 5.5k each with a gap of 8 seconds. If he was wearing recruit, he's not that guy.
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