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It seems much more likely to me that NONE of the work required to implement SGRs has even been scoped at this point.

You are right that we are labouring under the assumption that previous statements are not invalidated by time or the persons who issued them having left. This is why we ask for further information from Bioware, from Ms. Berryman, from Mr. Gonzalez and from Mr. Hood.

Since there is no disclaimer that statements become invalid after a certain period of time or become invalid after the person who issued them has left, I personally believe that trusting Bioware's intention to introduce this content is valid. I also believe that Mr. Amatengelo was speaking sincerely when he said that he believes that SGRA's would be introduced with Makeb and that it is merely a matter of putting SGRA's on the release schedule. However, because that was not transcribed to the website or made official by others in Bioware (i.e. the Community Team, whose job it is to convey information to the community), I still feel it is necessary to ask Bioware, Ms. Berryman, Mr. Gonzalez and/or Mr. Hood about the status of this content, particularly if we still hold (as I do) Mr. Erickson's statement that story content would be released this year and that SGRA's would be bundled with story content (as it is story content) - but do so with regards to the changes that have occurred at Bioware; that is, asking whether Mr. Erickson's statement is still valid now that Free2Play is being released and that there has been a greater emphasis put on traditional MMO properties and the new emphasis will be put on Cash Shop content.

And yes, we have not exactly been paragons of virtue when discussing the content, but it does become grating when we ask for reasonable arguments against the introduction of the content and all we get in return is homophobic vitriol.

In the previous thread you quoted me as saying the implementation of the content is not a question of "if but when", and then asked how I could believe that when I know that the statements we have been given are old. I believe that because I still believe that old statements are valid, largely because no one at Bioware has specifically refuted them and (as above) there is no time limit on validity of statements. I assume that Bioware intends to continue its practices of having same-sex romances options and that that includes this game.

I realise that you hold me in the greatest contempt, but I do enjoy talking with you.