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*When Revan was a Jedi Pre Mandalorian War , he was a Good Person
*When Revan went to fight the Mandalorians , was because he let his emotions control him as he could not bare to watch people being slaughtered and do nothing
*When Revan made the plans to destroy Billions to end the War , he did it for the cause of saving more .
^But as he went to War his actions became the Actions of his enemies and there for morally was losing himself to the darkside
*When he came back from finding the Emperor , he decided he was the only one who could save the Republic from him.
^ Ego

So he Saved the Republic from the Mandalorians with the help of his Generals Malek and Meetra ........etc etc
Then he destroyed the Republic in the cause of saving it from the Emperor .........EGO
Then he while not himself and back to being a Jedi killed Malek , but he didn't really clean up his own mess ! It was Meetra that finished off Revan and Malek's Sith Empire , not Revan .
It was Meetra that gave the Republic some peace time and restored the Jedi , while Revan selfishly went on to look for his past .

Revan has always been more Darksided , while his friend and Loyal companion Meetra has always been of the Light . In all and all , I feel DarkJedi/Sithlord Darth Revan is the Real Revan . He is largely the Old Republic version of Anakin without the Chosen One part !

When I think of Kreia's theory about Revan, I feel it is totally true . He stayed the Course of a Person who thought he was doing what was best , Kinda like Anakin in Ep.3 who believed by killing the Jedi and the Separatists thought he was Protecting the Republic and only through him it could be done .
But Revan did alot of Evil deeds while as Darth Revan including cutting the Jaw off his Best friend and apprentice Malek . Allowing Meetra to take the Fall for his Plan taht killed Billions was pretty evil thing to do to your Loyal Friend as well .
You make a good point, but I feel there is a bit of speculation here.

Aurbere made the good point that the Jedi could have entered the war as advisors. I feel like this would have worked very nicely. There's just no reason that the Jedi had to abstain 100%. You see what I'm saying? I'm not saying that the Jedi should have entered the war as Revan did, but they could have helped a little bit.

And you argue that Revan wouldn't have fallen if he stayed with the council's wishes. But what if the council HAD aided the Republic, then there's not a chance that Revan would have fallen. This holds true even if the Jedi were only helping as advisors. The Jedi made joining the war outside of their law, and this made Revan more willing to break other laws. Put yourself in his shoes. If you've already broken one rule, then aren't you WAY more likely to break a few more?

I feel that the Jedi Council was PARTIALLY correct to abstain, because they felt the Sith Empire looming in the distance.

But what would have happened if the Jedi had entered the war? And I'm talking about even the Jedi Masters themselves. If they'd been on the frontlines then they could have aided men like Revan, who were making bad choices. The Sith Empire was not an immediate threat, although the Jedi felt that they were, and they abstained for that reason. In truth, the Jedi/Republic were in no current danger of the Empire. Accordingly, the Jedi should have entered the war (or perhaps just provide light support and advisory as Aurbere said).