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I agree. It's one thing to keep the story under wraps, but they seem to hold this information too close to their chest. I wish that they would realize just by giving us a closer estimate of time (like 6 1/2 weeks or so,) it would quell a lot of the nay sayers. As I noticed Uluain said a few days ago, silence seems to validate those that are vehemently against SGRs. I doubt that is the company's intention, but I hope they are aware of how these copy n pasta answers really sound.

I'm betting at this point both the mods and the devs want to discuss openly about this subject. I'm hoping we get some info before SGRs and (possibly) Makeb drop onto the PTRs.
Would you not be better off seeking clarification that SGRs are even DEFINITELY being added to the game first and foremost? As of right now there has been no official clarification that SGRs are still even planned, much less devloped and ready for release.

The two or three anecdotal comments you have from previous employees, made at a time before the entire landscape of the game shifted and its development focus/direction with not constitute confirmation of anything.

That, coupled with the fact that BW will not even talk about SGR plus the deleted tweets and totolly ignoring any questions in QA sessions does not lead me to believe that they are even likely to happen at all any more.

I am not opposed to SGRs at all (I am opposed to the very unique take that some of the pro SGR crowd have on personal freedom and tolerance within the community but thats another story). All I am doing is looking at the facts, looking at the stone wall of silence from BW and the repeated manner in which they refuse to even acknowledge any of their previous does not look good for the inclusion of SGRs anytime within the next 6-12 months imo...if at all.

The longer it goes on it seems the previous statements were just made the placate that section of the cimmunity whilst they figured out what they were going to do about it....since the direction and entire landscape of the game has changed I genuinely believe the conduct of BW regards this matter is an indication that SGRs are further down the priority list now, than they ever were....

You all seem to keep saying that the code is done, the design and content is done and it should be released with Makeb...all I am asking is for one official source of confirmation for ANY of dont have one.

It seems much more likely to me that NONE of the work required to implement SGRs has even been scoped at this point.