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I rolled a DPS as my first toon, so I knew I was easily replaced, which meant that when I was bullied to spacebar, I did so. Some of the stories I got to go back and redo solo when I was over level, but others it's just not possible to do that.

So with my next toon, I teamed up with my BF and he runs tank while I run heals. So now we bully people INTO watching the scenes (or staring at the 'waiting on other players' screen, whichever suits your fancy). We've actually debated doing it even on stuff we've already seen, just to tick off the people that spam 'spacebar!' like we don't know what that does.

One set of DPS actually vote kicked me (because he said 'yeah, spacebar through the story in a story oriented game' which they either misread or were too stupid to understand, but it made them think I was the only one not spacebarring) and while they were talking about how it wouldn't be too long of a wait to replace the healer, he left them too. I'm sure the wait to replace the healer and the tank was longer than the few cutscenes in Colicoid War Games.
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