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So I see no news is still no news.

Anyone else think the timing of the Hall Hood blog may have been a sneaky way for those under a gag-order to try to get some info out there. Obviously the blog itself didn't tell us anything new, but they must have known the questions that would be asked for the follow up - especially after the pulled tweet.
That much noise can't be ignored without showing to the audience at large that they are deliberately ignoring the questions, and by extension, those asking.
Ideally the answers would have been posted yesterday (that is if we assume the seven day response time for Ms. Jesse Sky's answers is the standard), so we're still waiting for them. I think they may have delayed Mr. Hall Hood's responses in favour of the Free2Play blog posts and, since Fridays are dead days, we'll be seeing his response(s) on Monday. Questions about SGRA's make up a little over a quarter of questions directed to Mr. Hall Hood (thank you, Uluain), but we are still not sure that Bioware even want to acknowledge those questions, let alone address them. I really do hope Mr. Hall Hood is allowed to talk to us about this subject - he has aid that he enjoys writing romances, so it would be interesting (aside from having our questions answered, obviously) to see if he considers there to be any fundamental differences in writing SGRA's compared to OGRA's and how tropes and stereotypes are used and/or avoided in both instances (i.e. there would have been a lot of expectation to have a traditional femme fatale for the (straight) Male IA as a companion, but I don't believe Kaliyo or Temple really fall into that category).